clayde is a platform created specifically for buying luxury clothes and accessories at a price within everyone's reach

iclayde works exactly like any other online store, just buy any product and it will arrive at your home in less than 4 weeks

clayde has numerous contracts with all the various brands that you will find in the various collections, in addition the more clayde becomes popular and efficient the more the various companies will allow greater discounts and new products or collections

clayde does not personally take care of shipments, however we make sure that for each delivery there are no problems of any kind and in case of comlications you will be sent an apology email where you will try to solve the problem

to join the clayde family just buy any product or go to login and press create account


Simply send an email to clayde.info@gmail.com or DM us on Instagram and we will contact you within 24 hours!

Send an email as soon as possible to clayde.info@gmail.com. State your order number in the first email so that we can be of service immediately. Please note that orders cannot be changed or canceled once they have already been sent.

First view your unwanted advertising inbox. If the e-mail also does not appear there, you can always contact us so that we can still send you the e-mail


Nope! We pay for the shipping costs :)

First view your unwanted advertising inbox. If it is not included, you can of course always contact us :)

Absolutely! Simply enter your tracking code on the tracking page on our website. If you cannot find your tracking code, you can always contact us